One of the most important quality criteria for any good betting provider comparison is the odds available on the betting site.

Here at , on the one hand, we looked at the odds key offered - this is basically decisive for how high the percentage payout of the winnings is and how large is the proportion of the wagers that the bookmaker retains as a profit margin.

The higher the betting odds, the more is paid to the betting customers and the lower the theoretical profit of the online provider.In addition to the very important odds key, there are also a number of other criteria that are relevant for the evaluation of a bookmaker's betting odds .

Some providers can score with the fact that they often have very attractive odds for popular football bets in the program and thus stand out positively in the betting odds comparison for frequently won favorites.

Crucial for the evaluation of the betting provider is also the question of whether the mentioned best odds only appear briefly in the program (as sometimes seen at Bwin, for example) and are quickly changed again, or whether you can place your bets permanently at attractive odds until the start of the game

Especially for UK betting customers, the question of whether the bookmaker passes the UK betting tax on to the tipsters is of course of crucial importance when evaluating the odds offered.