Softlink Global is engaged in providing technology solutions to Global Logistics industry. Established two decades back, Softlink conceptualise, design, create and market Innovative technology solution to move, store and track, goods domestically and internationally. Over 100000 users from more than 4500 companies spread across over 45 countries have been benefitted by implementing Softlink's cutting edge solutions. It's latest Innovation Logi-Sys provide single platform to logistics companies to automate and manage all their activities including Freight, Customs, Transport, Warehouse, CFS, Sales, Customer Service, Finance and Tax Compliance.

<b>Our Systems Offerings</b>

<a href="">Freight Management Software</a> | <a href="">Customs Management System</a> | Billing and Accounting | Financial Accounting | <a href="">Warehouse Management Software</a> | <a href="">Transportation Management Software</a> 3PL/4PL | <a href="">Logistics Software</a> | Sales and CRM | <a href="">Sea Freight Forwarder</a>