The set up the host spray and high-end to view to the cool of the cafe, home row, restaurant ... Helps to cool quickly and highly effectively, not cool, balance moisture. Dispel the dry heat of summer or hot days in the south. High-pressure nebulizers use copper pipes or stainless steel pipes that are able to withstand compression with high pressure. At the same time, a special stainless steel high-pressure mist sprayer is used to spray mist, to produce misty particles. The mist after spraying the air dissolves and absorbs the heat to the flower just to return some of the required moisture.

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What is high pressure misting?

A high-pressure nebulizer is a nebulizer series that uses ceramic or stainless steel pistons to create a large amount of pressure. Other with the airdrop of fogging usually uses a rubber diaphragm pump.

The information nebulizer generates only applicable when operating between 5 and 7kg / cm3. In contrast to a high-pressure nebulizer, it can generate pressures of up to 70kg / cm3. The use of the high-end misting

+ The most important effect of the high-pressure nebulizer is to cool the air, lower the surrounding temperature.

+ Create a pleasant cool atmosphere and prevent dirt from flying in.

+ Fly the particles in the letter letters into the dirt, together we lift the weight and turn down => create a fresh, cool space for your customers.

+ Combined with led lights to create a romantic, magical space where the fog is hovering. These are special cafes that help customers enjoy the romantic and romantic feeling

+ Less electricity and water consumption with air conditioner.

+ The high-pressure nebulizer is designed inside the shop space with a height of 3m pointing up, a sculpture that often nebulizers cannot do. Practical application of high pressure nebulizers

- High-pressure misting in cafes

Most cafes in Ho Chi Minh City are covered with a nebulizer system. To cool and lure customers from afar to cafes or food. Most cafes install misting outside, and very few pubs are installed directly inside.

Revealing to you is that with our high-pressure nebulizer, we allow you to satisfy your interior design without worrying about getting wet.

Because high pressure fogging only uses copper or stainless steel pipes for the pipeline because we withstand the lifting force. At the same time, use a special high-pressure mist sprayer made of 304 stainless steel to spray the mist. Produces a super fog, which gently evaporates as it spits out air.


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