The stainless steel pipe nebulizer system is the hottest cooling device on the market and is selected and appreciated by consumers for product quality and cooling mist. Bright white equipment does not corrode or rust, creating a luxury feature for the restaurant space. Since the device is not corroded and is low clay, the lifetime of the system is very durable over years.

More details:

Inox pipe misting is similar to that of high pressure copper pipe misting system. They withstand high compressive forces up to 10,000PSI and a equivalent lifespan of 10 - 12 years. But iox pipe misting has advantages over copper pipe in that it is not complicated to process.

Stainless steel pipe nebulizer system brings the following elements:

White stainless steel material creates the elegance and elegance of the space
Easy to disassemble and replace components
No corrosion, so the service life is very durable over years
Fast space cooling from 5-7 * C only takes about a short time.
Create a highlight that attracts all eyes when passing in front of the front of the restaurant.
Preventing dust from outside from entering the shop space.
Provides moisture to dispel the unpleasant dry air.

Benefit from stainless steel pipe nebulizer system

Cooling outdoor space or even inside the house in stainless steel pipe high-pressure nebulizer.
Used to spray disinfectants or disinfectants with high corrosive substances
Provide the necessary humidity for the shop, as well as mushrooms or in the storage of vegetables, roots and fruits.
For mushroom growers, the nebulizer saves them time, effort and labor, but the efficiency is always outstanding.
The system of automatic nebulizers for orchids helps to replace the players who care and bathe the plants according to the player's wishes.
Dumping dust in industrial parks, ore-producing zones, and handicraft factories.
Apply stainless steel pipe nebulizer for corrosive chemical wash sites.

Stainless steel pipe fogging is one of the cooling methods that uses a nebulizer to spray water at high pressure. Through specially made high-pressure stainless steel fog nozzles, creating a myriad of fine mist particles. They have a quick cooling effect and provide moisture up to 85%.

If you want to install a nebulizer, you should calculate your space accurately and refer to the above list of nebulizer installation service prices and choose the stainless steel pipe misting system corresponding to the space and my money bag.