Sales Have you ever wondered what keeps an industry or company ticking? Yes it is mainly the overall Sales of the company, which determines the profit margin for it. It is true that there are other important aspects like the operating costs, total expenditure weighed against the gross profit earned that will actually highlight on the net profit margin of any particular company or industry. It is significant that the various activities of Sales leads to the main revenue earning for the company. In the layman’s term or in the cruder context, the term Sales is only confined to the act of selling any commodities or products, which are the company’s manufacture. Depending on the industry type, the products, which are on sale, could either be tangible or intangible. As for instance, if the industry is a consumer durable one or a fast moving consumer durable, then the Sales will include the selling of the products which are absolutely tangible. But if the industry is service like a bank or telecom the commodities that fetch the Sales figure for it is definitely for the sale of the intangible goods. Apart from revenue earning, it is through sales that the company ascertains the general market needs. Types of Sales: The activity of sales in any company is classified under two main heads: direct sales (CRM will help you with it and indirect sales. In case of direct sales, the organization sends its representatives to have a one to one interaction with the customers before the sales could be accomplished. However, in case of indirect sales, there is no face to face-to-face interaction and the customers barely get to meet the individual from whom they are buying the product. Indirect sales is one of the most popular ways of selling products, where means like telemarketing, channel networks, web portals etc are deployed to meet your sales numbers. Being one of the major activities of any company, much of the concentration is invested with the overall sale activities.

The Sales process; Presales and After-sales: In order to make the most in terms of the sales numbers, companies go through a rigorous and well chalked out draft. In the presales activity, first the requirement of the market is assessed through techniques of market survey just to cite some. Once the market vibes is acquired, the company develops the products accordingly. However, the sales activity does not end there, there are important post sales activities too.

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