Music, according to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, gives life and joy to everything that exists in the world, is the embodiment of the beautiful and sublime that is on earth.

Like any other art form, music has its own specific features and expressive means. For example, music is not capable of depicting various phenomena, like painting, but it can very accurately and subtly convey a person’s experiences, his emotional state. Its content lies in the artistic and intonational images that have formed in the mind of a musician, be it a composer, performer or listener.

Each art form has a characteristic language only for it. In music, the language of sounds is such a language.

So, what are the main means of musical expression that reveal the secret of how music is born? According to the The basis of any musical work, its leading beginning is the melody. The melody is a developed and complete musical thought, expressed monophonically. It can be very different - both smooth and jerky, calm and fun, etc. In music, a melody is always inseparable from another means of expression, rhythm, without which it cannot exist. Translated from the Greek language, rhythm is a “dimension”, that is, a uniform, consistent alternation of short and long sounds. That rhythm has the ability to influence the nature of music. For example, the lyricism of a piece of music is given with the use of a smooth rhythm, some agitation - an intermittent rhythm. Lada is no less important as a means of expression. There are two types of it: major and minor. Their differences from each other are that major music causes listeners with clear, joyful feelings, and minor ones cause a bit sad and dreamy. Tempo - expresses the speed with which this or that piece of music is performed. It can be fast (Allegro), slow (Adagio) or moderate (Andante). A special means of musical expression is timbre. It represents the coloring of sound, characteristic of any voice and instruments. Thanks to the timbre you can distinguish the human voice or the “voice” of a musical instrument.