Useful Tips for Spiral Slicer

Kitchen of a home or a restaurant is getting more advanced with every passing day. Newer varieties of kitchenette, ovens, refrigerators, toasters, grills and even knives are available for the meal makers. Spiral slicer is one such kitchen appliance that makes the task of cutting and slicing vegetables effortless. Below are some tips to make the maximum of your small investment in a spiral slicer.

One should realize that spiral slicer couldn’t be used for all cooking activities or for cooking any dishes that have veggies. Spiral slicers are predominantly used for making salads and garnishes. In fact, another name for spiral slicer is Saladacco. If you are planning to use spiral slicers, to make curries, for instance, then it will be of little help.

Another belief is that once bought, one can start using it immediately. Spiral slicers are not so easy to use. There is a learning curve involved. You will surely mess things up in the first few attempts. Do read the user manuals or guides before you start trying out the slicer. Remember the best way to use a spiral slicer is to use it in standing position. This way you can put adequate pressure with one hand while your other hand moves the handle. Also be careful in handling the blades. Often people get cuts while trying to fit the blades.

Spiral slicer is available in various models. Saladacco is the most popular type. Some slicers can slice both vegetables and fruits. However, a spiral slicer is predominantly used to make thin or thick stands of Squash of various types, zucchini, carrots, radish, beet roots and similar. One can also buy fruit slicers like Banana slicer, Pineapple slicer, Butter slicers, etc. Also remember that after the slicing is completed, a small stub of the produce will always remain. If you want to slice many pieces of say carrots, plan in advance as to how you will use the left over stubs.

Spiral slicer is globally accepted as a helpful kitchen tool. Learning some tricks on how to use it will help you with your slicing work more effortlessly and comfortably.