Have you got a mandatory urine test? It is a frightening situation, but you've got choices! Learn how to maximize your likelihood of success. Civil rights activists view drug testing as a breach of privacy, as well as an intrusion by the state and companies into the solitude of its own citizens. Workplace drug tests also have been criticized as violations of bodily integrity, encouraging a misconception of the influence of drug use on job performance, and as a misuse of power to the part of the workplace. Employers and the state. These days, depending on where you live, you might end up forced to take a drug test for work. Urine tests are especially common in the United States, where Ronald Reagan institutionalized compulsory drug testing for federal workers in the 1980s, tests which later spread to the private sector. Some states even require these tests to get social assistance. If you discover yourself being tested for drugs at your office, you might choose to consider the methods below to get a negative outcome. Blood tests are the most accurate, but they require costly equipment and personnel. Some of the additional tests can only detect latest drug use. The urine test is considered a happy medium, and it is the most Frequent form of workplace testing

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