Essay Writing Topics

Essay writing topics could become confusing for especially when you are given the task of choosing your own essay topic. An essay writing topic should be chosen, keeping in mind the main subject or topic assigned by the teacher or college. If an essay writing topic has been assigned, you can simply begin the process of research and writing your essay. The real problem arises when an essay writing topic has not been assigned to you which is when you should make the most of the opportunity given to you.

Choosing an essay writing topic could seem a difficult task, but is actually a golden opportunity. You can make the most of this chance and select an essay writing topic of your interest and choice, rather than working on one which you are not comfortable with. Obviously, you will have several choices of essay writing topics from which you may have to select a final one.

Make sure you are guided by your brain and not by your heart when selecting an essay writing topic. You may tend to drift towards essay topics which you feel strongly about; however, make sure that the essay topic you choose has ample references and resources. You should also avoid extremely common essay writing topics on which enough has been said and debated. For instance, essay writing topics like gun control, abortion, euthanasia have been discussed widely and have been battered to death, leaving no scope for any new claims.

Before you thinking do my paper choosing an essay writing topic which is commonly discussed is only beneficial if you have found a novel idea or concept which you can prove in your essay. If you do not have anything new to state about a commonly discussed essay writing topic, it is better to avoid it than to bore your reader by harping on old issues. Selecting an essay writing topic is an important step of the essay writing process, deserving ample time and attention. Below are some important points to remember when selecting a good essay writing topic:

Make sure that the topic relates to your field of study or subject and does not deviate too much. For instance, if you are taking a course in literature, psychology or philosophy, do not select a topic on groundwater problems of a country or region, or software related problems in cell phones.

Make sure that your topic is within the realms of your field of study.

Once you have a broad idea of you topic, make it more specific. For instance, if you choose to write on stress, you could narrow your topic to the effects of stress on the lives of college students.

The final and most critical step in selecting an essay writing topic is the formulation of a thesis statement, which will be the foundation of your essay. The thesis statement will guide you where and how to begin and the important keywords you will need for locating your resources.

Once you have devised an accurate thesis statement based on your essay writing topic, the essay writing process will become simpler for you and help you to draft an outline for your essay.

Thus, choosing an essay writing topic is one of the most crucial aspects of the essay writing process and is aptly termed as the backbone of the essay writing process.