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Pirate Kings might be the game you want to play. Pirate King’s gameplay is almost the same as that of Coin Master. There are few exceptions but it’ll give you the same taste that you might not miss Coin Master!

In this article, we’ll pick out some of the differences between both games. But first, let’s give you a bit of introduction to Pirate Kings.

Pirate Kings is a casual game that can be played on both iOS & Android devices without paying a penny. It can be easily downloaded from App Store & Google Play Store. Pirate Kings was released in 2013 but even after 6 years, it’s still popular among many countries that includes the USA, UK & Germany.

It is one of the most played games over years in the USA & is called the best ‘social casino’ on the internet after Coin Master.

The gameplay of Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings is much like a Coin Master when it comes to gameplay. While players have to raid & attack other players’ villages to build their villages & progress in the game, Pirate Kings take players to the shores of oceans & make them raid & attack islands in order to concrete their position in the game. The in-game currency has been kept. Players can use those coins to build their island, raid & attack other islands & do many other things.

Players of Pirate Kings aren’t only supposed to attack & raid other islands but they have to buy shield & other items to protect their island as well. There are currently 82 islands which are considered as levels which are to be completed to become a Pirate King.

How to Play Pirate Kings?

If you have played Coin Master, then you would definitely have used the slot machine. Well, Pirate Kings is no different here as well. Players can play the game using the spinning wheel which is quite as similar as that of Coin Master’s Slot Machine.

Spinning Wheel is a very important part of the game because the items bought from different islands & the coins collected need to be protected through shields & players can get these shields from spinning wheel. This risk factor automatically fuels the importance of spinning wheel in the game.

Spinning wheel not only gives players the shields but it also provides players with an opportunity to attack & raid other players’ islands. Though there is a luck factor, players need to rely on the spinning wheel to get ahead in the game.

Pirate Kings vs Coin Master

Pirate Kings & Coin Master has a lot similar in each other but still there are a few differences between both casual twin-games. The main difference is the Slot Machine. Instead of the Slot Machine, the developers of Pirate Kings have used a spinning wheel in the game which is quite different from the Slot Machine of Coin Master. Other differences are given below:

1) Pirate Kings doesn’t include the feature of collecting cards, extra spins, XP or coins. 2) Players don’t get any pet to multiply their winnings. 3) Pirate Kings allows players to collect cards to complete a book that can win them a few thousand spins & coins. 4) Instead of villages, Pirate Kings uses islands as their villages. 5) Coin Master has 252 levels while Pirate Kings has only 82. 6) Players can get free spins in every hour just like they can get them in Coin Master. 7) Players can connect with their friends by connecting the game with Facebook. It also gives you some gifts i.e. free spins, coins, etc. 8) The number of players in Pirate Games is still lesser than Coin Master. This can advantage you in staying attack-free for a longer time than Coin Master.

Should you Play Pirate Kings?

Pirate Kings may not compete with Coin Master in many areas but it is definitely worth giving a shot if you have been looking for the best alternative of Coin Master. It has a similar gameplay & the graphic visuals are also attractive. You may miss pets but well, who cares about that when you are sailing in the open sea & attacking your friends’ islands!

It’s fun playing. This is it from us. Hope you’ll love this game too!