Choosing the right types of cleaning services is a huge part of building a successful cleaning business. And the good news is, there’s more opportunity than ever to be successful in this field.




Homeowners are spending more time at home, and want a respite from everyday cleaning. And commercial businesses require more frequent cleaning to maintain a safe environment for customers and employees.

To help you take advantage of the opportunities incleaning, we’ve curated a list of the top 20 cleaning services, plus how to bundle them into profitable packages.

THE TOP 20 TYPES OF CLEANING SERVICES Most different types of cleaning services can be classified as either residential or commercial cleaning.

Residential cleaning services are services you provide to homeowners or residents, e.g., home cleaning.

Commercial cleaning, however, involves offering cleaning services to businesses, e.g., office cleaning.

This list includes both residential and commercial cleaning services. We’ll also talk about offering them as standalone services or creating service packages further on.