In the Texas Holdem Poker game on online gambling sites, each player gets 2 cards and is asked to place a bet, then 3 cards will open on the table and each player has the right to raise the bet. The next stage is the 4th card on the table will be opened and finishing the 5th card is open on the table, then the winner is the one who has the highest combination of cards. Each stage the player has the right to survive or increase the bet. This poker game consists of 7 cards in total from 2 cards in each player and 5 cards that will open on the table. This table can hold 9 players.

Texas holdem poker consists of 4 rounds, each round the player can choose to call, check, or fold. Each player will take turns to become a dealer (dealer) marked D on each table. Before cards are dealt, the 2 players to the left of the dealer place chips or bets called ante. The first ante is smaller than the next ante, for example player one is a dealer, then the player to the left of player two puts his ante to 10 thousand and the next player to put ante to 20 thousand. Ante is commonly known as blind batch. A collection of chips / bets in the middle of the table is henceforth called a pot. Then cards are dealt, each player gets 2 cards. This card is called a private card. Then after the cards are distributed can not see the cards belonging to other players, the player to the left of the player who gave the second ante, bet first. In this case because the one who gave the second ante was the third player, then the player who did the first bet was four.

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