Dual Rear Aperture For AR 15 Tactical is on Sale! Grab the Deal!

If you are a AR 15 controller, Dual Rear Aperture is one of the significant tactical accessories you must own. Guntec USA is one of the prominent manufacturers of this accessory and its product Guntec GT-TPSAS Dual Rear Aperture is one of the best competent accessories for AR 15 rifles. This aperture is made of Zytel Polymer Composite. It has Dual Rear Aperture Option and it features spring assisted folding front. This piece of accessories is obtainable at our website and currently, it is under an exclusive discount!

This Dual Rear Aperture For AR 15 Tactical is effortless to install and weighs only very light i.e. 2.5 oz. This accessory is extremely straightforward to handle and it allows QD Levers for expeditious spring up action. The low profile design of this aperture includes steel internals that is backed by spring sentinel. This dual rear aperture can be implemented on any flattop receiver or any Picatinny rail. The dual rear aperture features prompt attainment of accurate sights. This accessory includes the front sight tool and it is completely adjustable for windage and elevation.

Guntec GT-TPSAS Dual Rear Aperture For AR 15 is the ideal choice favored by atomizer enthusiasts. This product is exclusively manufactured in the USA and it is available for free shipping throughout the country. This product is now under 13% discounted and it is a limited period offer. If you want to make a further decision about buying this product or want to know more about the same, please visit the website here- AR15