Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats for PC We show you all the tricks you can introduce in GTA 4 for PC thanks to the new mobile of the Niko Bellic In Grand Theft Auto IV for PC we will control Niko Bellic a Serbian man in his 30s who travels to Liberty City for a living. As in many other games in the GTA saga, players will enjoy unprecedented freedom to travel far and wide throughout their open world, making use of all kinds of vehicles and weapons, while escaping the law. But if you also want to enjoy GTA 4 at 100% and without worrying about the consequences, the game also offers the player a series of tricks and keys of unboxing simulator codes with which we can get all kinds of weapons, maximize health and armor. or generate any vehicle so you don't have to steal it. These traps will also help you to complete the game without any difficulty or to extend the hours of fun. Below we show you the list with all the cheats for GTA 4 on PC . Enter the following numbers from Niko Bellic's phone to make them work. Remember that these cheats / cheats will affect achievements and missions, so we recommend not saving the game if you do not want irreversible effects. Read More : roblox unboxing simulator codes Read More : codes for unboxing simulator Read More : tattered overcoat fire emblem GTA 4 cheats for PC Trick Outcome 482-555-0100: Niko will get unlimited health (every time you use it) in addition to weapons and ammo. 362-555-0100: Niko will get maximum armor / armor and life. Be careful because you won't be able to get the trophy: "kill him". 227-555-0175: A Comet car will appear 486-555-0150: Get Weapon Pack 1: Knife, Molotovs, Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Micro SMG, Assault Rifle, Combat Sniper, and an RPG. 486-555-0100: Get Weapon Pack 2 : Baseball Bat, Grenades, Combat Gun, Combat Shotgun, SMG, Assault Carbine, Combat Sniper, and an RPG. 227-555-0142: A Cognoscenti (a mob car) will appear 625-555-0150: A mountain motorcycle will appear (Sánchez) 227-555-0100: An FBI Buffalo car will appear. 227-555-0147: A passenger car will appear. 625-555-0100: An NRG900 motorcycle will appear. 227-555-0168: Super GT sports car will appear 359-555-0100: Get a police helicopter (Annihilator) 938-555-0100: The Jetmax speedboat will appear . 267-555-0100: Completely eliminate the police search level. Be careful because you won't be able to get the trophy: "walk in freedom". 267-555-0150: Increase the police search level by one star. 468-555-0100: Change the weather / climate . Complete 100% of the game: Infinite ammo. Dial 911, followed by 1, 2, or 3: Call a police patrol, an ambulance, or a fire truck.

CHEATS FOR EXPANSION: THE BALLAD OF GAY TONY These are all the cheats that exist for The Ballad of Gay Tony expansion / DLC. the way to activate them is the same as in the base game. • 625-555-0200: Akuma (Moto). • 272-555-8265: APC (Tank). • 359-555-2899: Buzzard (Helicopter). • 938-555-0150: Floater (Boat). • 362-555-0100: Health and Armor. • 482-555-0100: Health, Armor, and Advanced Weapons. • 359-555-7272: Parachute. • 267-555-0150: Raise the search level. • 267-555-0100: Remove the search level. • 486-555-2526: Sniper rifle bullets explode. • 227-555-9666: Bullet GT. • 276-555-2666: Explosive punches. • 625-555-3273: Vader (Moto). • 486-555-0100: Advanced Weapons. • 486-555-0150: Poor weapons. CHEATS FOR THE EXPANSION: THE LOST AND THE DAMNED These are the only cheats that exist for the first Grand Theft Auto IV DLC, the way to introduce them is the same as the cheats of the base game. • 245-555-0125: You get the modern motorcycle, Double T • 245-555-0199: You get the sports bike, Hakuchou • 245-555-0150: You get the classic motorcycle, Hexer • 245-555-0100: You get the motorcycle of bikers, Innovation • 826-555-0100: You get the lowrider truck, Slamvan GAMES FOR WINDOWS ACHIEVEMENTS Meet the requirements that we indicate to achieve the achievements of the game and its corresponding score. Achievement Requirements Assassin's Greed (20) Complete all nine Assassin Missions Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic (30) Win all online multiplayer variations, as well as all races in "Cops and Thieves" on both sides Chain Reaction (20) You must blow up ten vehicles in ten seconds Cleaned The Mean Streets (20) Capture twenty criminals through the police computer Courier Service (10) Complete the ten package delivery jobs Cut Your Teeth (5) Win a personal promotion in multiplayer Dare Devil (30) Complete 100% of the unique specialist jumps Dial B for Bomb (10) Unlock the special ability to phone a bomb to be placed. Driving Mr. Bellic (10) Unlock the special ability to act as a taxi driver Endangered Species (50) Collect all the hidden packages scattered throughout the game. Fed The Fish (5) Complete Uncle Vlad's mission Finish Him (15) Complete ten melee counters in four minutes Fly The Co-op (15) Exceeds the default time in the rated versions of "Deal Breaker", "Hangman's NOOSE" and "Bomb da Base II" Full Exploration (20) Unlock all islands Genetically Superior (25) Be the first in twenty street races in single player mode Gobble Gobble (10) Score three Strikes in a row bowling Gracefully Taken (10) Complete the mission "I'll Take Her" Half Million (55) Reach $ 500,000 in your money balance Impossible Trinity (10) Complete the "Museum Piece" mission It'll Cost Ya (5) Complete a taxi race without changing from one island to the other Join The Midnight Club (10) Win a multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too much (and with damage activated) Key to the City (100) Get 100% in game progress statistics King of the QUB3D (15) Get the highest score on the QUB3D Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie (10) Kill a Rockstar developer in multiplayer combat Liberty City (5) (20) After meeting all possible allies, those who remain alive must have a degree of sympathy of 90% Liberty City Minute (30) Complete Story Mode missions in under thirty hours Lowest Point (5) Complete the mission of "Roman's Sorrow" Manhunt (15) Complete the Most Wanted alternate missions from the police computer No More Strangers (5) Meet all the random characters Off The Boat (5) Complete the first mission One Hundred and Eighty (10) In the dart game, get 180 points with just three darts One Man Army (40) Survive five minutes with a six-star search level Order Fullfilled (10) Complete the ten Exotic Export orders Pool Shark (10) Win a friend in the pool Retail Therapy (10) Unlock the special ability to buy weapons from a friend Rolled Over (30) Make five cars in a row spin the bell from a single crash Sight seer (5) Fly on all organized helicopter tours in Liberty City Taking It For The Team (10) Be part of the winning team in all team multiplayer games Teamplayer (10) kill five players not on your team, in any team multiplayer mode Thet Special Someone (10) Complete the mission "That someone so special" Thet's How We Roll! (10) Unlock the special ability to pilot helicopters Top Of The Food Chain (10) Kill twenty players with a gun in a multiplayer Deathmatch match Top Of The Midnight Club (20) Be the first in twenty standard multiplayer races Under The radar (40) Fly under major bridges that cross over water with a helicopter Walk Free (50) Lose a four-star search grade by misleading the cops with your car Wanted (20) Get the highest personal score in multiplayer mode Warm Coffee (5) Successfully get a girl to invite you on a date at her house Wheelie Rider (30) Do a "wheelie" with a motorcycle for at least two hundred meters You Got The Message (20) Distribute each and every one of the thirty cars ordered through text messages You Won! (60) Complete the final mission

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