Communication - the exchange of messages, ideas, feelings and easy, shallow interaction between people. When the interaction becomes more profound, it’s not so much talking about communication, but about relationships. Communication is very diverse, differing in means, differing in the situation of communication and the one who communicates. Male communication is different from female communication, every day - from corporate. Communication is verbal and non-verbal. Communication is both dance and sex because communication is not only what is said in words. This is the language of actions, attitudes, touches, steps towards each other or from ... Communication most often occurs in the following traditional forms of communication: ritual and entertainment, psychological play, negative or positive manipulation, business communication. intimacy, lively contact of loving (at least feeling) each other people.

Main questions about communication:

How to learn to communicate? How to understand that the person in communication wants from you really? How to settle down to the interlocutor? How to speak convincingly? How to learn to listen and hear? How can men and women understand each other? How easy is it to meet new people? How to be an interesting conversationalist? How to negotiate quickly and without conflict? What does your social circle say about you? Why do you communicate? How to communicate with "connections"? And how is it all easy to do? Where and how to learn to communicate?

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