For lan players, this is definitely a very familiar device. But this device is alien to many others. To help you newcomers practice playing orchid, orchid, in the following share. Nebulizer Shop we will introduce to you the basic information about sprinkler sprinklers. Specifically, we will introduce to you the most widely used spray mist sprayers.

The effect of spray mist spraying on orchids

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Using a suitable spray spray to water the orchid will help the orchid grow well and not cause water shortages or waterlogging damage. In addition, the spray mist forms a fine mist that is sprayed into the air, providing the moisture needed for orchid growth.

Different from hand watering using a hose to spray straight into the orchid plant, to cause waterlogging, even the top of the orchid tree. When using sprinkler spray to water orchids will avoid that.

Fine fine mist flying in the air gently permeates the leaf surface, and spread with just enough water. Does not cause stagnation, waterlogging adversely affects orchids.

Using an orchid mist spraying not only this system evenly water the orchids with the amount of water suitable for the plant to grow well. But also helps the player to actively water the plants when not at home for a long time. Save time and effort to take care of orchids.

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Currently, on the market there is a variety of nebulizers with many different sizes. Each type of equipment will be suitable for an area of separate orchid growing. However, it can be seen that, at present, the two most commonly used spray sprinklers are copper and plastic mist sprayers.Mist sprayed by copper orchid

Copper nebulizers include nozzles from 1 to 6. Among the above, the No.3 mist sprayer series is considered the most suitable for the care of orchids.

With monolithic copper material, this fog spray device can persistently work with an extremely intelligent design. At the same time, the device also has rubber gaskets that function to prevent water leaks.

With this type of spray nozzle, the mist spraying particles are usually very even, smooth and small.

Meanwhile, the plastic mist sprayers with less durability will have a cheaper price. This type of mist sprayer has the advantage of allowing the user to simply and easily clean and disassemble the device.

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