You start browsing on the internet, you definitely have to start from opening a browser or browser tool? Usually, when the browser is opened, you will be greeted with a page that will be your starting point for browsing on the internet, which is a search engine called SE (Search Engine). This is what is called a portal site or web portal cara pemasaran online. This kind of site was popularized in the 1990s, and has since become a standard when people start browsing the internet. The purpose of this web portal is actually a business. When the portal gives you everything you need to start browsing the internet, from search engines, news, videos, gossip, and other entertainment and information, you will automatically use it more and more. The more that use it, then this portal will get high traffic, which can be offered to advertisers to then place their ads there. Therefore, the more people who visit and use the web portal, the higher the income.

Search engine - this function is usually the mainstay of the main web portal. The more people search and find information they get from the portal, the longer and more often they use it. These articles can be actual news, entertainment gossip, product reviews, films, music, tips, for example: Korean drama is one drama that has a very large audience of various ages around the world. Moreover, in 2020 it is very stirred by family dramas see on the next page more clearly drama korea]. and various other interesting information. Chatrooms and forums - many web portals also have facilities to chat with other users. Very useful for forming a community.

Personal services - these services include email accounts, blogs, calendars, maybe even services for storing data via the cloud. So just imagine that just by visiting a web portal, you are given all the information, the ability to find additional information, communicate with other people, and even personal accounts to help organize your daily work.

Government Portal Portal created by the government to provide complete information about the office site for people's representatives, residences and addresses, business activities, tourist attractions, and various useful information for citizens and expats.

Local portal Portal that provides information about your area, such as weather, business information and more.

July has entered the middle and many drama korea sub indo titles have reached climax episodes. But don't worry because this August in 2020 will come with new Korean Drama titles that are worth waiting for. Rather than curious, here are the latest Korean dramas that will air in August this year 2020.

Company portal Certain company-owned web portals for information about companies and marketing their products.

Horizontal portal This portal is a public portal that provides a variety of information and services that can be used in general by visitors to the portal itself.

Vertical portal This portal also provides personal services and information, but is usually specific to certain fields, such as news portals, culinary portals, gaming portals, etc. Talking about the types of portals, there are many more types of sites if you look at it in terms of ownership. Here are some of them that you will often encounter: In 2019, a series of good films will emerge. Both the films are part of a universe, Netflix film production, and standalone films by famous directors download film terbaru. What kind of film will you get that nomination and award at Oscar 2020? With 2020 approaching, movie titles will also appear in the next 1 year.

Community portal Contains all matters relating to a particular community, with facilities that will accommodate the community.

Korean drama has always been successful in making its fans interested. Every year always popping up with genres as diverse as romantic comedy, action, thriller and even fantasy. Some dramas are considered successful not only in terms of stories but also ratings. The name of the actor in the Korean drama was quickly skyrocketed. Visit berita viral hari ini to get even more info.

Seeing how useful portal sites are, it is not surprising that many often use them for everyday purposes. You also must often use it to explore this vast virtual world. Portal does not always contain all the information that is on the internet, but as a first step to introduce the internet, web portals are very useful.