Gender Performance in the Media Ethics: Something that Explores the Concepts of Right and Wrong

Ethical component of the study often is very important for the general understanding and perception of the whole topic. Therefore, for this part of assignment I chose the Oxford Journal academic research study on “Effects of Gender on Moral Development”. This source is an example of the topic as it observes ethical side of the gender question. It is a research, and I am interested in the topic and actual results; hence, I suppose it to be a trustworthy presentation. Moreover, the question that impressed me was: “Are women more ethical than man”? This research identifies the influence gender tends to have on moral development and reports the findings of recent studies, especially in the area of public ethics. The results of the research narrow down to the notion that surrounding conditions, place, communication with a certain type of people in different situations often determines the moral level, irrelevant of human’s gender. However, the study suggests women to be more ethical due to their nature sensitivity as they have to bring up a baby and take care of the whole family and are easy to handle people. The average results among the participants showed that female’s performance was higher than male’s one approximately by 4.5 points. As the second example of this topic, I would like to observe the web-site. The site is This web source is oriented to help people find the job, which is close to their heart and is free of any stereotypes and bias as to what job should belong to which gender. This source raised my interest because it emphasizes the issue of gender equality. The main argument of the site is that companies all over the world should not afford to waste talent as skills have no gender. One of the statements claims: “However, stereotypes of what is appropriate for men and women at work can act as barriers and may prevent companies from seeing and unlocking individual talent.” People all over the world, despite their gander, are coward to try definite profession just because it is socially known as “male” or “female”. As a result, people with proper education and capabilities hold low-skilled or less valued jobs. The main point of this web-site is to give people an understanding that such stereotypes can harm their life. From my point of view, this source is appropriate because it describes what is good and what is wrong in terms of modern ethical understanding of gender. Performance: Something that Discusses Gender as a Performance Gender as performance is very interesting part of assignment because it includes a great variety of points of view. The first source in this part is an excerpt from the book, “Performance Piece” by Julia Serano. The thoughts I found in this excerpt gave me a spacious approach to a problem, and that is why I chose this source as a reliable one. The main concept of the text is that gender is not only a performance. It is a complicated and mixed thing that cannot be described only by performance indicators. The author of this book is a transsexual who deals with people of stereotypes, which see this person only from the standpoint of performance. They do not recognize a woman or a personality and judge people only by external factors. Judging the girl who wears attractive or non-format clothes is the easiest way. In contrast, calling it degradation if the person wears good, bright clothes, but does not achieve success in studying is also wrong. If gender is a performance, then there are men (and women) in the world, who use this as an excuse to judge people’s behavior as solely an act in order to try gain a certain attention. Gender is an indicator which characterizes the person, but only from one side. This article shows people the other side and offers an alternative view on gender and performance issues. This source is an example of the theme because it discusses the gender roles from the position of performance. The other example may be a video interview (taken from with Judith Butler, a modern philosopher in which she explains her point of view on the gender issue. I chose this means of media because it gives information from the author’s perspective, particularly, yet expanded with the author’s notes and expressions. She believes that gender means that somebody consolidates an impression of being a man or being a woman, and this impression is caused by several characteristics, in accordance to which we classify by gender attributes. We act like being a man or a woman as something being really true about us. It is a phenomenon, which is produced and reproduced all the time. The author narrates about different groups of people who are bullied just because of their performance, sexual orientation, facing misunderstanding in families, or just because they cannot be normal for society, albeit they are normal for themselves. Her idea is to resist the informal violence that is imposed by ideal gender norms. Therefore, for some people, gender is only the performance, the other percept pertains to external and internal facts, thus, being a man or being a woman is consequential question. Politics: Something that Uses Gender as a Political Issue Another arguable question and topic of current interest is the gender issue in politics. From the very beginning of human’s social life, there were battles between males and females. For this part of assignment, I chose the article, “Women, politics and power - gender equality is not just a woman's issue” by Anthony Barnett and Nick Pearce. This source seemed interesting to me because it touches initial problem of little amount of females occupying “manly” professions, and discrimination on the working place. Discrimination is an issue of politics, so I suppose it to be appropriate to this research subject. The article provides evidences that in a particular country- United Kingdom, only 28 percent of women hold managing occupations. In some organizations, there are only men’s clubs, and no woman allowed. Nowadays employers rather hire a man than a woman. It happens because of widespread stereotype that women are not interested in economics, manufacturing, politics, business, and that is why they are not as efficient as male employees. It leads to the total discrimination of the woman. However, this article involves a topic of man’s discrimination. They are the working power, and, regretfully, they spend too much free time on the job, having no time to pay attention to their families and children. As a result, families crash, because little number of women can bring up the children alone, without attention of the caring husband. Ultimately, we live in such a society, where women rather sacrifice their career life more, than a man. The main argument of this article is the following: both of genders experience discrimination on working places, but women are more restricted by society, and men are dominants. The second example relating to the gender issues in politics is the review, “Why Men Rule: A Theory of Male Dominance”, by Steven Goldberg, Ph.D. As far as I am concerned, the main argument of this review is that man and woman have particular roles in society to play, and they are identified on sensitive levels, and not forced by society. Historically, the events developed the way that man is dominating, and a woman is confirming his actions. The article states that “women cannot reach success in nuclear physic” or “women do not know math well” is wrong: we are all people and have the same potential. However, men are more competitive, emotionally stable, sacrificial, strong and reserved than women – all this reasons influence the situation in gender battle. Furthermore, the author reminds that the male dominance was caused by physiological development of the men. Of course, the woman can be also strong, but here is the note: “The fact that some women are more dominant than some men does not invalidate the statistical fact that men are, on average, more dominant than women”. I chose this article because it provides precise arguments on why nowadays men are dominating in politics and social life, and explains that women have also rights, but they better perform in other spheres of life. Self: Something that Discusses Gender as a Matter of Self, Individuality, or Personhood Everybody has the right to express personal individuality the way he or she wants. Speaking about the gender, the question of individuality is urgent as a lot of people want to realize their skills and dreams. As an example, I chose the chapter from the paper, “Gender and Individualism in American Culture”. This paper shows the history of feministic fight for the right of women to express themselves and be equal with men. The imbalance between sexes harms a lot in the feminine part of humanity, and in order to be individuals and not depend on men, women strive to gain equality in rights and opportunities. The paper claims this goal is attainable, and USA is on the right way in this regard, with Hilary Clinton as proof to this trend. However, women should acknowledge that social equity will impose additional responsibilities upon women, and privilege job, sense of worth and value can cost a family time to the women. Women will still have a choice, but the opportunities bring the responsibilities, which can become hard to cope with for an ordinary woman. The article reminds that gender individuality can be expressed also in family, because building strong, devoted family sometimes is harder than working in politics or economics. This article is a good example of gender discussion as it considers few sides of women’s individuality. For the second example, I took the article, “Gender as Personality; Gender as Cultural Perception”. The main argument of the article is that social frames can kill our individuality, and the idea of gender that we would choose: gender as a set of norms, or gender as a state of being. The author believes gender to be “multifaceted spectrum that incorporates physiological and cultural components”; therefore, gender is not only how we look, but how we feel inside. The society has standardized every corner of our life, everything which is out of the standards is wrong. People find it not easy to comply with all the norms around in the society. We deserve to express ourselves in clothes, food, hobbies, circle of friends, and even sexual preferences. Hence, our individuality, our expressing of gender is the free choice. The author notes: “Gender as individual personality is, perhaps, the easiest concept for a transgressively gendered person to understand and the hardest for traditionally gendered people to understand”. The author tells a story of his life, when he should hide his feminine personality deep inside his soul simply because surrounding world wanted it. It is a wrong path, and a lot of people still live as the world imposes upon them. This article is from the blog of transvestite women, her point is she has the right to express herself, and such thoughts deserve attention and evaluations from different perspectives. This is an example of gender and personhood dilemma, which provides specific reasoning, and that is why it is worthwhile examining.

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