Traditional writing is associated with activities carried out in various fields, including various fields of activity (eloquence, memory, logic, foresight in legal proceedings, the creation of a calendar: Toth, Naboo). , the preceding appearance of writing, said in some similarities of characters in Greek mythology: on the contrary, in the image of Homer, the legendary creator of the Greek epic, the syllable is emphasized.

Writing systems are both functional (transmit the language through visual means) and symbolic (represent different cultures and nations). Florian Colemasvknig "Writing World" ("The Writing System of the World") describes them as follows:

“Writing and spelling, as the most visible components of a language, are“ emotionally overwhelmed, ”indicating identity or commitment to a group. These are not just tools, but symbolic systems with great social significance, which, moreover, can have a strong influence on the social structure of the language community. ” In our time, it is unthinkable to imagine oneself without the possibility of writing. However, the history of this phenomenon is closely related to the development of the whole of humanity. But at the same time, people are in dire need of assistance with writing. Writing Peak(https://writingpeak.co.uk/write-my-essay) essay writing service always answers your request write my essay for cheap, please. For many years, hundreds and thousands of people have received professional help for their essays.

Writing is food for the mind, and each person must be provided with it, like a piece of bread and a sip of water. The time of myths and power gradually passes. Knowledge is becoming an increasing treasure of people, and not the wealth appropriated from Nature and the living World. Written memory left by past generations of people for perfection and preservation of life.