Betting offer

Of course, the betting offer comes first. The offers should be comprehensive in their breadth and depth. This means that if the bookmaker is limited to the mainstream - i.e. football, tennis, ice hockey or basketball - this is too little in the test. Customers want variety. The marginal disciplines should not be neglected. In the best betting portals you have the choice of over 30 and sometimes even over 40 sports. The pure sports offers are often rounded off by offers from politics and entertainment. In the depth of the betting options, the market leaders in the most important football leagues call for over 200 betting options per game. Individual, combination and system tips must be playable. We don't want to forget the live bets. The "in play" tips are extremely popular. The largest possible mix of sports is also important live.

Betting odds and betting tax

The real quality of sports betting offers is shown by the odds found at Since beginners in particular understandably have difficulty recognizing the value of the offers, bookmakers are obliged to be fair at this point. In our experience, the best sports betting providers use mathematical payout keys between 92 and 96 percent. From a German perspective, the betting tax should not be forgotten when assessing the betting odds, since this directly influences the odds level. Some bookmakers still bear all costs for the players out of their own pockets, others only charge the winning tickets. There are also betting providers where the sports betting tax is calculated immediately with every bet.