Discussion about golf automotive batteries and the advantages of the various types has been ongoing for some time now. JB is the first major golf car producer to introduce a lithium-ion (li-ion) golf automobile and specialists in the area of battery power share the consensus that li-ion batteries improve the performance and longevity of golf vehicles in comparison with conventional lead acid batteries. Consumers have additionally been quick to adopt the new know-how with golf membership managers and purse string holders realising that the benefits of li-ion golf automobiles finally outweigh the preliminary up-entrance prices.


A golf automobile with a li-ion battery has a significantly enhanced energy-to-weight ratio. Li-ion batteries are half the scale of lead acid batteries and a fraction of the burden. To put a figure on this, a standard li-ion battery in an JB golf car weighs 23kg, in comparison with a standard lead-acid battery which weighs round 150kg. This dramatic discount in weight and dimension of the battery means that the golf automobile can reach higher speeds with less effort and carry extra weight without the power fading and the performance diminishing.

This huge weight saving permits the lithium-powered automobile to hold the equal of a further two average-sized adults and their gear before reaching capability. This is made attainable because lithium batteries maintain the identical voltage outputs regardless of the battery’s cost. As a end result, the golf car continues to perform after its lead-acid counterpart has proven signs of fatigue. In comparison, lead acid batteries lose voltage output and efficiency after 70-75 % of the rated battery capacity is used, which has a adverse impression on carrying capability and the difficulty is highlighted as the day progresses.


One of the major advantages of li-ion batteries is that they require no upkeep whatsoever as opposed to lead-acid batteries which want common checks and maintenance. This in the end results in saved man hours and the extra prices of maintenance instruments and products. The lack of lead-acid implies that chemical spills are prevented and the prospect of downtime on your golf vehicles is drastically decreased.

However, it's still necessary to deal with any automobile or equipment to protect it for years of use. One of the biggest elements in relation to the damage and tear of golf automobiles is the weight of them; a heavy car is extra of a challenge to drive uphill or on uneven terrain and may injury turf particularly in wet circumstances. The reduction in weight when utilizing li-ion batteries protects turf and removes pointless stress on brakes and different elements on the golf automotive.


This is an inevitable part of owning any automobile powered by electrical energy. Regardless of the type of battery, electric vehicles nonetheless need to be charged. This could be an inconvenience should you do not have a fleet of golf vehicles or a schedule that permits time for charging in between makes use of.

Golf vehicles need to have the ability to preserve consistent power and pace on a range of terrains. Studies have confirmed that li-ion batteries are able to provide this consistency, however lead-acid batteries may have a adverse impression on the performance of the golf automotive because the voltage dips.

On common, it takes eight hours to fully recharge a lead-acid battery. However, a li-ion battery may be recharged up to 80 percent of its capability in only one hour, and 100 percent in lower than 4 hours. Another contrast between the 2 forms of battery is that partially charged lead-acid batteries are susceptible to sulfation harm, that means that if the golf car is charged to less than 100 percent, the lifetime of the battery is significantly reduced. Conversely, li-ion batteries present no adverse effects of being charged lower than capacity, meaning that customers can “opportunity charge,” plugging autos in for fast charging periods that can rapidly restore significant levels of energy to the battery system, as opposed to the lengthy recharge cycles required by lead-acid batteries. if you wish to purchase safeway lithium battery log on, your order is delivered to your own home without any injury.

Golfers will usually pay good money to enjoy a spherical of golf, and this present day, it's unacceptable for a golf car to run out of juice half way by way of a round. Not only can it potentially damage the golfer’s total experience, nevertheless it drives a lot needed business away. For this reason, the significance of efficient and long-lasting battery life in golf cars cannot be understated.

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