2005 Holiday Pub Social


Huether downstairs sounds great to me. Are we bringing significant others? I'm fine either way, but I don't want to be the only one.


Location: sounds great. Significant others: Either way's certainly fine with me too; I know mine won't come. :)


Lloyd suggested something quieter. Anyone have ideas?


There's Cafe Bon Choix at Waterloo City Hall (corner of Regina and William).

Or there's Symposim Cafe, formerly Plantation, at the corner of King N/S and Erb E/W (my vote would be here just because of the intersection)

Symposium definitely is licensed, but I've never had a beer there so I can't speak for its selection.

Both have great desserts, IMO.


Okay, so... I propose Symposium/Plantation (King and Erb), this Thursday, Dec. 9th, at 7pm. There is parking down by the old train station on Regina (Now Paul Puncher clothing), at the "mall" on King, or along King, if you are lucky.

I don't think anyone is bringing significant others. There will be -no- secret Santa. Just the normal group, sitting and having coffee/tea/beer and chatting about Perl, life, and any places the two overlap.

Sound good? I'll update the Upcoming page if unless someone objects in the next 24 hours, or unless someone else beats me to it.