Pizza List

Anybody who would like pizza and pop at the upcoming meeting should add his / her name to this list.

Our pizza is sponsored by $anonymous (a rotating donor from the group).

Feel free to list pizza (or pop) preferences after your name. (If you've expressed preferences before, we still got 'em so you don't need to write 'em again).

If this is your first time here, you should go to the "Log In" link above and give yourself a username. The edit button will not appear until you save a username (as an attempt to cut down on spam).

Since we're discussing the possibility of a social this month, I (elbie) thought I'd subvert the list to show social preferences. This month (November) we are thinking about doing a social at the Google and Firkin or whatever it's called, either Wednesday the 20th or Rhursday the 21st.

  • elbie (either day)
  • daniel (either day, though Wed. is a bit easier)
  • dnm (either day)
  • max (either day)

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