Perl 6 Rules

(Not to be confused with Perl 6 Rulez)

I (fishbot) am going to talk about Perl 6 Rules and Grammars at the March 2005 meeting, and I am curious to know what everyone is interested in.

  • Daniel has expressed and interest in what is available currently in the Perl6:: CPAN namespace - and also how practical it is for actual projects. I will investigate this.
  • Daniel also keeps insisting that he doesn't have much use for Grammars - but I think that he is making the assumption that a grammar is necessarily describing a language or complete protocol. A grammar can simply be a set of rules that describes, say, dates. Or URI. And so on. None of us are likely to need to write a grammar for HTTP or MIME or Scheme... but a grammar could be as simple as parsing the input for NineBlocks in a clean, OOish way.

Update - talk concluded

Talk complete now, the slides are here, though they are in PPT, and won't be terribly useful without explanation..