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I’ve heard it said more than once that whoever you’re attracted to somewhat tells who you truly are. How much truth is in that statement, I wonder?

I’ve also heard that you tend to be attracted to people who somewhat fills in the gap in your personality. For example, you’re quiet and shy — you’ll be drawn towards individuals who are, not necessarily loud and pushy but are somewhat assertive and confident. I guess this is where the cliché “opposites attract” comes in.

I think Gayla had talked about it and even posed a question that somehow brings us to think that our attraction to the opposite provides a balance.

Now, is this good or bad? It’s just a little bit confusing me thinks. Because when you think of it, your type is the opposite of who you are and that tells the rest of us who you truly are? (See? I told you it’s confusing. Heh.)

Hmmm. What if it IS true that you are attracted to someone who fills the gap in your personality and that attraction defines who you are? I can only hypothesize that you merely long to be whole and the person you are drawn to defines what you lack and highlights what you have — ergo, making the definition of your person complete. What do you think? Did I make sense?

Pah. How about going out with people who are not your type even just to test the waters? (It’s a good idea for you guys who want to ‘know thyself’ first in order to properly choose a mate.) I guess that will make the ‘definition’ more sound, don’t you think? :D