Lightning Talks

For the Thursday, September 21, 2006 meeting, we are planning a batch of Lightning Talks. There is still room to pitch a 5-15 minute talk, contact fishbot.

Talks proposed to date

In proposed running order:

  • baud: Intro to Danga::Socket
  • baud: Intro to AxKit2
  • abez: HTTP::Proxy and how to automate sites with it
  • elbie: Decode caeser ciphers on the fly
  • dnm: This code is da' Shit.

Punted talks:

  • fishbot: SpeedXS (longer talk at some point)
  • wmat: Ruby Primer (longer talk at some point)
  • da: Perl MVC Wrapup

Relevant IRC C&P:

We were chatting in IRC, and a plan for lightning talks came together. (Warning: Contents may settle.)

14:38 <@wmat> excellent, well, i'll nudge you once the Ruby group establishes an inaugural meeting
14:43 <@da> if you'd like, we can have an initial joint meeting w/kwpm; we were talking about being 
      interested in learning more about ruby.
14:43 <@wmat> that may be a good idea

22:56 <@da> sorry I missed the meeting
22:56 <@da> as penance, maybe I'll give a lightning talk in sept.
22:56 <@fish> Is that the plan now?

14:30 <@fish> You should do a lightning talk about that.  In sept.
14:30 <@baud> about Danga::Socket, or about this code   specifically?
14:41 <@fish> What's more interesting to you?
14:44 <@baud> probably this code.
14:44 <@baud> dunno - maybe a bit of both :)

10:57 <@baud> can I do 2 and thus get 30 mins?
10:58 <@baud> intro to Danga::Socket and intro to AxKit2

08:46 <@elbie> fish, what's the lineup for the lightning talks look like so far?
08:48  * fish realizes he's been volunteered to run the lightning talks.

08:51 <@fish> If I end up doing something, I think that I might do SpeedXS - writing an XS module 
              in five minutes or less.

22:54 <@elbie> Something to decode caeser ciphers on the fly.  Complete with dictionary 
               lookups and stuff.

11:53 <@da> things I'm thinking about today: a recap on perl MVC 

11:14:25 <@dnm> fish: If I wasn't officially on the list for sept lightning talks, I want to be now.
11:14:36 <@dnm> I've collected a healthy list of really really shitty code to display & showcase.

18:15 <@abez> I can give a talk on HTTP::Proxy
18:15 <@abez> and how to automate sites with it
18:15 <@fish> 10-15 minutes?  You are on.

So, some subset of these will be happening. We want to give 15 minutes to everyone who is interested in giving a talk. If you, too, are interested, please let fishbot know (or shout out on the list / IRC channel).