Warm-up, also known as rotation and stretching, is the set of basic exercises that can be performed before doing any exercise related to weight lifting in the gym. A warm-up can be done without using any prop or stand. Basically warm can be done to make your body muscles prepared for the best performance. A warm-up can make an impact on your ligaments, muscles, and muscle bones. Warm-up is the most important exercise performed to get rid of soreness or pain in muscles and also defend you from any type of injury.

Following are some basic exercises that you need to do regularly before starting a heavy workout in the gym. These exercises are necessary and also advised by trainers in the Best Gym in Gurgaon or any other place.

Neck Rotation - Move your Neck first in the motion of up and down. Do it at least 20 times, after then move your neck left and right, for 20 times. Both exercises can be done in the motion of Saying yes or no by the neck.

Rotate Shoulders - Shoulder can be rotated in the movement of front and back, both side 20 times each.

Rotate Hands - Rotate our hands forward and backward, each side 20 times each. Rotation of your wrist - Rotation of wrist can be done inwards and outwards with a set of each side 20 times Bend your Lower back - Bend your lower back towards the front. Bend your back until your back’s potential that how it can be bent. Do it 20 times, first bend your back and stand then repeat the process. Stretching - Stretching can be done by various types you can ask your instructor to teach you about stretching your body.

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