GeNome Obfu

This code is my first ever obfu. I know it isn't amazingly witty obfu, but it is specific to I looked through a bunch of PerlMonk Obfu first, and I have to say, I learned a few interesting things about the darker corners of Perl that never occurred to me before. --Fishbot

runs only under no strict, no warnings...

my:s:@_:79.p11.d99 p12d98p1.3d0 p107d.107p7d.95p10d99p0d.107p0
d2p8 :gm;s;[\s.];$.=$foo;eggem;;split qq,d,;$.=join q,.,,map{#
s;[plus];+;;eval}@_;s;$_;q:print $.:;;map{eval}@{[eval]};#done