Perl Games:

The Mystery Problem

There are three solutions to problem M below. Lloyd presented the problem and his solution at the Sept. meeting. Daniel and fishbot refactored the code in two different ways. The challenge is two-fold:

  1. Identify the problem this code solves
  2. Improve upon the solutions

fishbot hereby offers to buy a beer for whomever shows up at the October 2004 meeting with a solution to both... or even just the first. (Beer may be claimed at after meeting pub visit.)

note: beer remains unclaimed! Also, we didn't have a chance to even get to the Mytery at the October meeting. Discussion heldover for November.

Obfu: Obfuscated Perl

Perhaps this is a needless duplication of , but here is a place to put your specific obfu:

Prove you love perl by perverting it!