Guidelines for Epson Printer Error Code E-01 | +1-866-748-5444 this problem (E-01 error):

1. Shut down the printer and unplug the enemy power cable for 5 minutes. If the error continues to appear, turn it on again, let's move to step 2.

2. You must know exactly that the look of the transport has been removed.

3. Put the CD tray button to pull the tray back to the shortage position if the CD tray is in the eject position. Don't forget you're not supposed to push or pull the CD tray.

4. Turn off the Epson Printer + Watch out to make it easy for the printer carriage to turn left or right if your printer contains CISS.

5. The upper scanner must be checked to close it completely.

6. The initialization routine running on Start Up tests the whole function of the units before completing without an error.

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