If you would like to keep your chats clean and clear of phrases, spam, phrases, mentions and everything else that may be redeemed by prospective trouble-makers you're going to need just a little assistance from a robotic close pal or two. A wide range of completely absolutely free bots will be supplied as examples. In the event you opt on a number of bots, you may want to manage several smoking strategies.

When choosing a bot for auto smoking, then you also need to take into account their capabilities for manual smoking (matters such as handling mutes, warns etc.) and also you should come across a bot with the infraction/punishment system you and the rest of one's moderator team find to be the absolute most appropriate. All of the bots recorded within this informative article have an manual moderation program.

The Principal and most critical forms of auto moderation are:

- Anti Spam

- Text Filters

- Anti-Raid

- Person Filters

Every one of these sub sets of auto moderation will be step by step below combined side recommended configurations based upon your own server.

Anti-Spam is crucial for conducting a large private server, or even a public server. Spam, by definition, is both immaterial or unsolicited messages. This covers a wide array of matters around Discord, there are several sorts of junk a user can participate in.

Text Filters

Text filters enable one to restrain the types of links or words people are authorized to devote your server. Unique bots can provide a variety of ways to filter these specific things, keeping your chat nice and clean.


Raids, also as defined earlier within this write-up, are mass-joins of people (often selfbots) with all the goal of harmful your server. There are a few methods available to you so that one to protect your area in that behavior.

Consumer Filters

Messages aren't the only real way potential evildoers can provide content that is supersized to your server. They can also manipulate their Discord User-Name or nick name to cause trouble.

With most recent ProBot moderation tool to get discord, it is easy to manage your group and maintain chat blank together with your terms. This high level level bot has many features such as welcome message for new buddies, auto-response, anti-raid security, customized made material for habit penis. Probot is a reaction roles bot which could warn, mute, kick, or ban a member in the text or voice channel or from your entire server. ProBot can likewise be utilised to engage in music, auto-assign functions, and assign XP to associates.

Every one of the critical feature that need for automatic moderation will be at ProBot. Many businesses and community use ProBot support to deal with their own group.