We're on for McCabe's Pub, in downtown Kitchener, Tuesday December 13th.

McCabe's Menu:

Daniel: mccabe's is fine; that week is fine, but Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday work better for me than Thursday. (Me + 0)

Zookrick the Gnome: not able to make it this year.

Shuchit: mccabe's is okay. That week is okay too. Thursday night I have something else planned, so would prefer a different day. (Me + 0)

dnm: mccabe's is ok. tuesday and wednesday that week aren't particularly good for me -- I can make tuesday work, but wed is right out. monday, thursday, and friday are OK, though. me + 0.

elbie: mccabe's is fine. Other places would also be fine. The 15th is fine, and dates are fairly flexible for me. Probably just me.