Subversion of OpenID 10mins+

I'll talk about the structure of OpenID, and give an overview of the protocol. As well I'll discuss how to use Net::OpenID::Server, how to make sure it is running quickly. Then I'll discuss the hoops I had to jump through on shared hosting to get it all working.

Email Extractor: 10mins+

Email Extractor: I will go over an email extractor I wrote with the great help of Mail::MboxParser, which I use to analyze emails. I will go over what Mail::MboxParser has to offer, ways to clean up data, and potential uses for such an extraction.

I will also discuss other modules like Mail::Box and how the modules differ, why you would use either and how you port some of the missing functionality over.

(implementation driven)

Optional: What's Hot and What's Not: Windowed Developer Topic

Analysis: 20mins+

This talk will go over the idea of topic analysis which is a
technique you can apply to datasets consisting mostly of text. This
work was presented at ICSM 2009 this year in Edmonton.

What's Hot and What's Not: Windowed Developer Topic Analysis

As development on a software project progresses, developers shift their focus between different topics and tasks many times. Managers and newcomer developers often seek ways of understanding what tasks have recently been worked on and how much effort has gone into each; for example, a manager might wonder what unexpected tasks occupied their team's attention during a period when they were supposed to have been implementing new features. Tools such as Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) can be used to extract a set of independent topics from a corpus of commit-log comments. Previous work in the area has created a single set of topics by analyzing comments from the entire lifetime of the project. In this paper, we propose windowing the topic analysis to give a more nuanced view of the system's evolution. By using a defined time-window of, for example, one month, we can track which topics come and go over time, and which ones recur. We propose visualizations of this model that allows us to explore the evolving stream of topics of development occurring over time. We demonstrate that windowed topic analysis offers advantages over topic analysis applied to a project's lifetime because many topics are quite local.

(slides and colors wowee, interactive in terms of questions or tutorial aspect only)

[X] Mandelbulb: 20mins+

Mandelbulb: Mandelbrot in 3D, an initial implementation and exploration.

For this talk I will go over the idea of fractals and how one author has extended the classic Mandelbrot fractal into 3D and produced a very interesting structure.

I will go over a few implementations of the fractal in multiple languages. By the end of the talk, the audience should be able to code up their own Mandelbulb generator or render.

(mildly interactive, implementation driven)