Minutes for the 21st of November, 2002

Daniel's Talk: Perl Style Guides for Large Projects

Slides for Daniel's talk are now online. The talk covered various aspects of suggestions and recommendations of the programming style. The style guides for several well known organizations are compared.

Other bits

Robert Day is planning on making another large order of books from O'Reilly. He gets a good discount for large orders, and is taking orders from anyone who wants to fill out their collection. See the mailing list for more information.

An attendant wanted to know if there were any Python or Ruby or other lanugage groups that were active in the KW area. I'll be damned if I know of any, but maybe some of you do. Why not post a message to the kw.pm mailing list?

Supposedly while we were cavorting about enjoying ourselves at the PerlMongers meeting, we were missing Simon Law's enlightening talk on Perl6.

Future meetings

Toronto.pm.org has expressed an interested in trading speakers/talks with us. It would give us an opportunity to lazily give the same talks to a different audience from time to time.

Various discussions about future meetings took place. December's meeting is most likely to take a more social form. Future meeting topics suggested are convincing Simon to give his Perl6 talk again for us, Raymond suggested that he could give a talk on DBI internals, and Chris is willing to talk about the Template Toolkit.

The next YAPC is likely to take place in Ottawa! Mark it on your calendars! Juneish.