Minutes for the 5th of September, 2002

This was the initial meeting to discuss the eventual shape of kw.pm. Present were Daniel Allen, Lloyd Carr, and Christopher Calzonetti

Deciding on the name for kw.pm

It was generally agreed that given that although perhaps Waterloo.pm or some other title would be more recognizable internationally, that we should choose something that relatively local users could easily identify with. As such, kw.pm


We talked about where to promote the group. Online at the same newsgroups used to promote KWLUG, by showing up at the KWLUG meetings, posting on various boards at U(W), and the Computer Bookstore.

Meeting location

The merits of different locations for technical vs. social meetings were discussed. i.e. someplace with a projector vs. someplace with a keg.

If members can provide meeting locations through their companies, we should try to use that resources. As well, U(W) can potentially provide us with rooms.

Next agenda/venue

We decided that we should provide some value (i.e. people would come because they would say "I want to learn that!") to people coming out to the first meeting and discussed ideas for a topic. Topics included:

In the long term, we need to have a way to solicit responses from the kw.pm community in general about future topics. A mailing list for the group would be a good place to discuss such issues. Supposedly, pm.org will provide us with a mailing list.

Unless there are any conflicts, it was agreed that the third Thursday of the month at 7pm would be a good time to hold the meetings. (Update: There is a conflict. The first meeting is now tentatively set for the 26th, at Dan's lab.)

This coming Monday there will be a KWLUG meeting which would be a good time to announce the specifics of the first kw.pm meeting.