Kitchener-Waterloo Perl Mongers

Older News

22 April, 2004

Minutes and slides from the April meeting are up.

28 February, 2004

Slides from the February meeting are up.

30 September, 2003

Sorry, no minutes from the September meeting.

30 July, 2003

As planned after the lightly-attended May meeting, we decided to take the summer for social meetings and return with a planned meeting on mod_perl in September.

2 April, 2003

Alright. They're up now. Sorry for the lateness.

31 March, 2003

We will have minutes for January and March's meetings up, hopefully soon.

20 December, 2002

No minutes from our, however the following picture was captured. We ate, drank, and were appropriately merry; plans were made to repeat, as necessary.

30 November, 2002

Minutes for our third meeting are now online.

Interested in shaping's future? Help decide where next month's meeting will be! We're thinking of having a social gathering, Thursday, the 19th of December. Join the mailing list and contribute your two cents.

28 October, 2002

The November talk will be on Style Guides for Large Projects. We will meet at the offices of Quarry Communications at the corner of King and Allen Streets just south of Uptown Waterloo. See you there, at 7pm on Thursday the 21st of November.

Minutes for our second meeting are now online.

29 September, 2002

Minutes for our first meeting now online.

27 September, 2002

Now open for business! Thank you to everyone who showed up last night for making our first meeting a success. And kudos to Daniel for his quite excellent talk! For those of you that missed it, slides from the talk on the debugger is available online.

Minutes for the meeting, such as they are, should be up sometime soon. If you're really bored, take a look at the minutes from our 0th meeting. Don't fool yourself. The meeting was largely adminstrative. Read it with someone you love.

Our October meeting will be on Thursday the 17th of October at 7pm. Where? On what topic? Join the discussion on the mailing list and help us figure it out.

Contacts: info at for general information; elbie at for questions about the website.