Minutes for the 20th of March, 2003

We had eight grizzly bodies this evening. Bring your friends!

Not that it matters, but we did cool networking things during setup. Mostly this was a result of my (Chris) not arriving prepared for the talk. Let that be a lesson to you! Always be either prepared or good at networking.

The Schwartzian Transform

Daniel gave a cool little talk about cramming a lot of perl into a small space. Slides are online here.


I slapped together a talk based on CPAN basics, and some neat tricks I found during my investigation. There is a PDF of the talk available online.

Random Q&A

After the talks, there were a few other questions here and there. The only question I managed to jot down was one about unloading code read in through an eval statement. Two suggestions brought up invelved looking at the Autoloader module, or flipping through the mod_perl developer's cookbook.

We're going to have a pub night next month. Presumably that will be the 17th of April. May's meeting will fall in the same week as the YAPC::CA conference. We'll convene in Ottawa for fun and profit, and possibly tulips.

Possible topic for June:

Having had quite a few social meetings lately, we discussed technical vs social meetings? Synching with school or not. At the end of it all, we really don't get that many students, and we are going to not warry about it too much.

Parking and location.