Minutes for the 26th of September, 2002

The first monthly meeting of the Kitchener Waterloo chapters of Perlmonks. There were approximately a dozen people present.

Daniel's talk: The Perl Debugger

Slides of Daniel's talk are available online.

Location of future meetings

It was suggested that meetings held on campus might be perceived as being meetings for students. Possible off-site locations near enough to U(W) to continue to attract students are being looked into.

If anyone know of meeting rooms we can use for future meetings, don't hesitate to let us know.

Topics of future meetings

The possibility of having a "Cool module of the month" presentation in addition to a more conventional talk was raised.

Several topics were bandied about. Somehow, "Klingon Perl" came up. It was probably my fault. It was actually "Clean Perl". Modules like Quantum::Superpositions, Acme::Bleach, and SOAP::Lite.

The attendants of the meeting were of varying skill levels of perl ability. The most likely possibility for next month's talk at this time will be a talk on regular expressions, which I (Chris) would be giving, and hopefully will have something of interest for everybody.

Other business

Several other topics were raised. One person suggested some kind of integrated calendar to list meetings of related groups, including us, KWLUG, et. al. Raising money or resources for the group was also discussed, including getting free copies of books in exchange for writing up a review of the book. We talked about the bookmarklets that Daniel had on his browser. There was also some playing with perl on a Sharp Zaurus, so there was some experimentation to see if the perl debugger could work on the Zaurus.